Snow Grooming

The Client Challenge

Yellowstone Track Systems is an innovative manufacturer of snow grooming systems for cross-country ski and snowmobile trails. It is also a growing Wyoming company whose product is in high demand. Yellowstone determined the most cost-effective way to keep up with orders and maintain quality was to outsource several plastic components to Diversified Plastics. Their requirements, part by part, are pretty straightforward — tight tolerances and even tighter schedules.

The Diversified Plastics Solution

The Diversified Plastics team carefully reviews the specifications for each component and uses the most cost-effective method available, by part. Parts are injection molded, machined (manually and with CNC machines), cast out of urethane and thermoformed. We even combine processes when called for. For quick injection molding projects, we use aircraft quality aluminum materials for economical tooling. This speeds up the machining process and turns out molds faster than steel molds for quicker customer response time.

We became this customer’s fabrication partner — testing new designs, producing a wide array of components, incorporating a variety of materials, and reducing inventory with quick-turn production and just-in-time delivery — all of which helped to keep its operations as smooth as the trails its equipment grooms.