Diversified Plastics solutions work in any industry.

Diversified Plastics solutions meet your requirements, from General Industry to Custom Manufacturing.


At Diversified Plastics, we recognize that agricultural equipment is exposed to extremely harsh environments. Because of those conditions, components on agricultural equipment break down considerably sooner than in traditional environments. You need durable equipment with reliable parts. Plastic components offer many advantages and are proven to be the long-lasting, trustworthy answer to your needs.


When it comes to harsh conditions and the need for long lasting plastic components, mining is at the top of the list. For decades, Diversified Plastics has worked with industry leading OEM’s and distributors to develop and produce long lasting components for mining filtration equipment and conveying systems.

Water Treatment Solutions

Diversified Plastics is a leading provider of sprockets and other plastic components for the Water Treatment Industry. Many treatment facilities are moving away from metal and toward plastic components because they outlast and outperform metal parts.

and Lumber

Diversified Plastics provides custom plastic components for sawmills and paper mills. Our parts fit a variety of applications in the forest product industry from OEMs to end users. We can provide solutions from sorter system parts to urethane rolls to a variety of sprockets and gears.


Diversified Plastics’ Proven Poultry Processing Components Perform Better, Longer, And At Less Cost. The Secret Comes From Our Proprietary Multi-Fab Technology™. If you are a poultry processing machine producer and need a supplier of parts for your machines, you’ll find no finer manufacturer than Diversified Plastics.

Car Wash

For the Carwash Industry, DPI’s customized plastic components are chemical, abrasion, heat, and corrosion resistant. Using plastic instead of metal parts for high humidity, occasional submersion, and areas subject to high wear, rigorous use, and high impact operations, users find that our plastic components are more compatible for long-term use and can withstand the demands that are required of carwash equipment.

DPI’s MultiFab Technology™

Combines Broad Production Disciplines To Achieve Optimum Durability/Affordability

Solar Power

Our solar bearings for tracking systems wear longer and cost less than the competition because we are the only manufacturer in the industry who molds parts out of our proprietary molded UHMW resin specifically suited to wear for years and withstand the sun.


Egg Processing Icon

These days more and more components on egg processing equipment are being converted over to plastic materials because of the advantages they bring. Take all of your replacement plastic parts requests to Diversified Plastics to learn about the many design improvements we have made to your standard parts, and also learn how we can save you money on OEM replacement parts.


Diversified Plastics provides custom food-grade plastic components for the food processing and food packing industry. Our quality, industrial food-safe plastic components outlast and out-perform conventional equipment parts at work in challenging environments of continuous operation and impact throughout the food processing, production, conveying, packing, and packaging processes.

Conveying / Packaging

Plastics have historically been proven to be some of the safest and most efficient materials for use in the Conveying and Packaging industry. Here at DPI we have a multitude of capabilities to manufacture your products in the most efficient way, saving you time and money.