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At Diversified Plastics, we recognize that agricultural equipment is exposed to extremely harsh environments. Because of those conditions, components on agricultural equipment break down considerably sooner than in traditional environments. You need durable equipment with reliable parts. Plastic solutions offer many advantages and are proven to be the long-lasting, trustworthy answer to your needs.


We know that production is critical in the mining business. Diversified Plastics has designed standard and custom sectors for disc filter equipment to be a direct interchangeable replacement for most sized filters. With hundreds of proven installations in disc filtering equipment, we are your source for dependable, rugged, and long-lasting sectors for your mining operation.

Water Treatment Solutions

Over the past decade, Diversified Plastics has become a leading provider of sprockets and other plastic components to the water treatment industry. Many treatment facilities are moving away from metal and toward plastic components, and our MultiFab sprockets have revolutionized the wastewater industry by combining materials to lower cost, reduce weight, and extend sprocket life.

and Lumber

Diversified Plastics provides custom plastic components for sawmills and paper mills. Our parts fit a variety of applications in the forest product industry from OEMs to end users. We can provide solutions from sorter system parts to urethane rolls to a variety of sprockets and gears. The use of plastic is endless in the forest, timber, and paper industry.


Diversified Plastics has been resolving issues in the food processing industry for many years. Our on-site engineers have created new and innovative solutions for large OEM’s and end users, including the creation of metal detectable components that dramatically lower the risk of food contamination. Our diversity and capabilities will create a solution, unique to food processing concerns.

General Industrial

Whether you are in plant maintenance, a design engineer, or an OEM looking for plastic components, we manufacture many products used in a variety of applications. We have spent years testing and applying industrial plastic components for manufacturing and industrial settings and will meet your challenges. Because we continue to push the boundaries and use of our plastics, our customers benefit from our experience and expertise.

DPI’s MultiFab Technology™

Combines Broad Production Disciplines To Achieve Optimum Durability/Affordability

OEM Services

Whether your product needs are demanding or very simple, we understand how the product costs can affect your bottom line. They may impact your manufacturing process, your pricing, or your ability to meet your own customer’s needs. At Diversified Plastics, we provide plastic components that not only fit within your budget constraints but are also FDA/USDA approved and able to solve corrosion, friction, and abrasion concerns.