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Injection Molding

Injection Molding

DPI Provides A Broad Range Of Molding Processes
And Materials To Promote Parts Quality/Longevity

Large or small, complicated or simple, Diversified Plastics can deliver the molded plastic components you need, on time and on budget.

Our process begins at ground zero with in-house design and fabrication of custom tooling and molds, including low-cost aluminum mold inserts. Once we’ve created the molds and completed a test run, we begin full-line production using a variety of materials.

Our state-of-the-art facilities can mold UHMW-PE, nylon, urethane, high density polyethylene, polypropylene, and other engineered industrial resins into virtually any shape. From entry-level runs of specialty items to large runs of conventional components, Diversified Plastics is an excellent choice for custom injection molded products.

Mold It or Machine It?

When it comes to deciding between machining or molding plastic products, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two. Knowing what option is the most cost effective comes from analysis of the part, how it is used and the quantity being manufactured.

Large volume, often used parts and parts that are frequently replaced are all good candidates for the molding process.  Components that use a lot of material or are made of metal are also good options depending on the frequency of use.

Machining -vs- Molding

Machining and molding are two very different processes. Machining uses tooling to remove elements of a plastic to create the appropriate part. While this process is repeatable, it is not as quick or precise as the molding counterpart. Molding tends to produce less waste then machining as the initial material used to initiate production.

Molding involves injecting molten plastic into a custom mold cavity. Initially, investing in the creation of a custom mold can cost anywhere from $1,000. The more intricate the part is, the more expensive the custom mold could be.

Spend Money to Save Money

If the cost of the mold is so high, does it really make sense to invest in molding? Yes! Check out this diagram to see how investing in a mold and molded part can mean significant savings over the long term:

Long Term Savings Breakdown

    • Injection molding of a plastic resin can be up to half the cost per pound versus the plate or rod needed for machining
    • Faster cycle times in the molding process means labor and time saving whereas machining will take much longer per part.
  • Injection molding is a highly repeatable process yielding high quality precision parts.

We’re Committed to Finding the Best Solution

The Diversified Plastics team prides itself in creating plastic molded solutions that meet your budget. Our creative engineers analyze your specific requirements and provide proven, experienced, and engineered products. We work with you to specify correct part and mold design, along with proper material selection to achieve your parts’ target objective. Parts complexity, projected wear and tear, design life, and other additional factors are considered during the initial design process.

We see ourselves not as a manufacturer, but as an innovator that continually looks for ways to improve the life of a product and reduce procurement and maintenance costs for our customers. For over 42 years, Diversified Plastics has been designing custom engineered plastic parts and our team will devise a cost effective, custom molding solution for you.

Diversified Manufacturing

Diversified Plastics continually innovates and looks for ways to improve the life of a product and reduce procurement and maintenance costs. We help you choose the best process to maximize your investment.

Need Support?

When you know what you are looking for or want to start with an idea, we are ready to help. Please reach out and we will start you on your path to plastic solution success!

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