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MultiFab Technology™

MultiFab Technology™

DPI’s MultiFab Technology™ Combines Broad Production
Disciplines To Achieve Optimum Durability/Affordability

We combine the capabilities of Fabrication, Machining, Injection Molding, and PolyUrethane Casting under one roof to create an innovative solution for our customer. We call this MultiFab Technology.

Our MultiFab capability allows us to create a superior product at a more competitive price and enables one component to be manufactured through several operation processes. We can create a plastic solution comprised of several operation processes all under the same roof.

For example, nylon has great tensile strength and is perfect for the key section drive bore of a sprocket, but tends to wear out faster than polyurethanes when used for teeth. Conversely, UHMW makes for excellent wearing teeth and idler bores, but doesn’t stand up as well to the drive power when used for keyways. With MultiFab, sprocket centers can molded, cast, or machined with the appropriate engineered polymer and the teeth can machined, cast, or molded with a material unique to its design and function.

The result, according to independent lab reports, is impressive. MultiFab sprockets are stronger and wear better than sprockets made of a single material.

Our MultiFab process is cost effective, produces less material waste, and can update and convert your metals to more effective plastic solutions.

Diversified Plastics can use our MultiFab Technology™ to deliver a superior product at a better price for you!

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