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MultiFab Technology™

DPI’s MultiFab Technology™ Combines Broad Production Disciplines To Achieve Optimum Durability/Affordability

Diversified Plastics combine the multitude of industrial plastics with the capabilities of Fabrication, Machining, Injection Molding, and PolyUrethane Casting under one roof to create an innovative solution for our customer. We call this MultiFab Technology.

MultiFab Technology™

Our MultiFab capability allows us to create a superior product at a more competitive price and enables one component to be manufactured through several operation processes as well as various industrial polymers all in the same facility.

Utilizing all of our diverse capabilities and materials at our disposal, our sales and engineering team is trained to find solutions that others miss. Whether this be improving design, increasing wear life, eliminating unneeded components or processes, or reducing costs, you don’t know if your end product is optimized until Diversified inspects it. Leveraging these improvements is what will set you apart from your competition in the market. No one else can do this because no one else has as much experience and as many in-house capabilities.

For example, Nylon has great tensile strength and is perfect for a drive bore key section of a sprocket. Consequently, UHMW makes for excellent wearing for teeth and idler bores. Using just one of these materials to produce the entire part would not create the best wear option. Examining projects like this and determining the best material or in many cases multiple materials for each application of a product allows DPI to create the most superior component for any given application. Additionally, our MultiFab technology allows sprocket bores and teeth to be machined, cast, or molded out of the optimal material unique to its design and function. This capability, under the same roof, is what allows us to be ahead of the market when it comes to customizing your product for its best wear life.

The results, according to independent lab reports, are impressive. MultiFab sprockets are stronger and wear better than sprockets made of a single material.

Our MultiFab process is cost effective, produces less material waste, and can update and convert your metals to more effective plastic solutions.

Diversified Plastics can use our MultiFab Technology™ to deliver a superior product at a better price for you!

Mining Sector

Rotary Vacuum Disc Filters or Sector Disc Filters are machines used in a variety of industries where water is reclaimed from solid materials. The pie shaped “Sector” is the component that captures the material for processing, and through vacuum and cloth filter bags, water and solids are separated. Produced using the versatile polypropylene material, the chemical resistance and stiff qualities allow for long life of the Sector and efficient processing.

To process Sectors, DPI utilizes its Multifab Technology. The body of Sectors is injection molded in halves in our 200oz machine. This process includes over molding of steel tubes that provide added structural support and stiffness. Before molding, these tubes are cut and welded with hardware in our fabrication department. Once molding is complete, the Sectors return to the fabrication department where the halves are butt welded together. The final process is assembly and includes injection molded Polyurethane necks and ferrules. DPI’s ability to complete all of this under one roof streamlines the process, allowing us to be extremely cost and lead-time competitive.

Water Treatment 720 Sprocket

Our 720 sprockets for rectangular clarifiers in the wastewater treatment industry go through many different departments at Diversified Plastics before they leave our facility. The ability to move a single product through many different departments is one of our huge strengths as a supplier. We call this Multifab Technology, and we have been using this strength for years to provide less expensive replacement parts for many industries.

For example our 720 sprockets first go to our injection mold department where we utilize a multi shot process to shoot the A-Plate, Hubs, and bore of the sprocket. Afterwards the assembly goes over to our turning centers where they get their high precision bores turned to size. Next, the parts head to our fabrication department where they are split, keyways are cuts, Static sleeves are installed, and lastly hardware is added to finalize the industries favorite 720 sprocket. Being able to make these parts from start to finish all under one roof helps Diversified Plastics consistently beat our competitors’ prices.

Diversified Manufacturing

Diversified Plastics continually innovates and looks for ways to improve the life of a product and reduce procurement and maintenance costs. We help you choose the best process to maximize your investment.

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