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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

I have worked with DPI and Luke Vonlanken on at least 18 injection molding products in the past 3 years.

From the very beginning, DPI is there every step of the way from application, engineering meetings (as many as needed), 1st articles, part approvals, and tooling adjustments. They are easy to work with, they communicate flawlessly, and they keep you up-to-date on open projects so you can focus on your work without the worry of missing timelines.

With their help, I was able to sell a customer on the benefits of injection molding rollers out of glass filled nylon rather than buying imported phenolic rollers from China. Our customer is thrilled with the results. They appreciate getting a finished part they can immediately install without secondary machining options instead of the hassle of imported phenolic rollers with tolerances so large that they have to machine every part after they get them in. They are saving money and time with rollers from DPI.

I consider DPI a valued partner and I truly trust them, reaching out to them for any new opportunities I come across.

- Dennis Crandall, Territory Manager, Alro Plastics

Ovivo has worked with Diversified Plastics for many years now, creating a good relationship and partnership. Diversified is a company with a lot of integrity, positive responsiveness to their customers, and good quality products. They are always there to support the different projects that Ovivo has to manage and I can only recommend to purchase products from Diversified Plastics.

- Philippe Rateau (Buyer/Planner/Estimator)

Thank you so much for that quick turn around quote, that is cool!

Your quick quote turn around makes you NO. 1 on my quotes list! No joke.

Diversified Plastics has become an integral working partner with us at McClain Oil Tools. Steve Kirgan has been working with us since 2014 to make sure our needs are met. From communication to the exceptional parts we buy, everything is top notch. Any issue that has come up has been resolved in a timely manner. We are grateful to continue to grow alongside Diversified Plastics.

- Lauren McClain-Owens, Co-Owner, McClain Oil Tools

Our sprockets arrived today! Please thank the entire Diversified Team that helped get this order out to us on such short notice. Thanks again for such outstanding customer service!

- Scott Locke, Maintenance Superintendent, Montrose Forest Products

“Diversified Plastics is a great company with a great staff. I had issues sourcing parts for an OEM and they really came through. We had a lot of custom parts made out of special material and they found a way to get it done. The parts were both on time and made perfectly.

We use a lot of anti-static UHMW and adhesive backed material and I have never had an issue with quality or price. They have an amazing array of capabilities from raw material to highly machined parts.

I have used them to waterjet, router, machine, and extrude many parts for my OEM without any issues. I highly recommend Diversified Plastics! Luke is my salesman and he is extremely knowledgeable and great with customers. I will continue to use them for all my plastics needs.”

- Kevin Martin, Account Representative, Motion

As a vendor partner for fabrication, injection molding, and precision machined parts, Diversified Plastics has supported Curbell Plastics in helping us create new business with new customers. DPI has helped us with many difficult projects over the years through engineering, prototyping, and production. This has helped our customers solve issues in their end product and save on project costs.

We value Diversified Plastics’ ability in converting protype machined parts to injection molded production runs. They meet our needs whether it’s quantities ranging from tens and hundreds to thousands. They have a very diverse set of manufacturing capabilities and are capable of many different manufacturing methods including gear cutting, prototype tooling, and molding of polyurea’s as well as epoxies.

Their ability to truly injection mold UHMW parts sets them apart from everyone! We also trust them for large machined parts, precision 5th axis components, and secondary operations such as vapor polishing, installing inserts, bonding plastic to steel, welding, gluing and forming.

No matter the size of the project, Diversified Plastics has always been extremely responsive and been able to accommodate our quality needs. Their out-of-the-box thinking coupled with their many capabilities has yielded many wins for both our companies and our customers. Yes, their “outside of the box thinking” is one of their strongest assets. They do not spend much time on the phone telling me why they can’t do something. They spend that time internally finding ways to make projects work for Curbell Plastics and our customers.

- Tim

Diversified Plastics really lived up to their name. I needed a unique plastic for a specific application in the amusement ride industry and the team at DPI took the challenge head on. They were able track down a exotic blend and get the parts manufactured in time for our field testing. Even though we were a small order in a niche market, DPI took our problem seriously and delivered results.

- Will Rockett, Wiegand

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