From design, to prototyping to process engineering, our experience with the wide range of plastic solutions allows us to solve any plastic component challenge.

We are creative, engineering-minded problem solvers. And it shows.

Our years of experience and expertise, combined with the advancing plastic industry, allows us the opportunity to create tailored, useful plastic solutions for our customers.

Our equipment is fitted to run cost effectively for high-volume or low-volume product runs so we can make unique, custom pieces quickly that meet your budget.

Our testing capabilities ensure that products meet or exceed the specifications required by the application. And our processes reduce material waste and processing hours.

We also work closely with the leading chain manufacturers in the industry. We visit job sites across the country to review installation methods and to assess our customers’ needs. We host end users at our facility to detail our unique processes and our proven results.

This is the first stage in the product development lifecycle.  It is a low-cost concept used to validate the product idea and prove feasibility. It is built to test a concept, process, or material. It can be in the form of an engineered drawing, a 3-D model, or a 3-D print. Diversified Plastics can run and machine a small, low cost sampling in soft cast urethane or a multiple use design tooling.

The part design phase encompasses the functional and aesthetic properties of the final product and is produced using quick fabrication methods. This design phase is vital so the part can be critiqued by the customer and feedback can be shared to improve the product’s function. Diversified Plastics can adjust part geometry for optimal material yield, cycle time and tolerances, as well as manufacturing feasibility. This can be accomplished by Computer Aided Design (CAD).

The Diversified Plastics Engineering Team works collaboratively with our trusted material expert partners to present our customers with the right material for the job they require. We know material selection is crucial for your specific application and our expert team can recommend custom resins, additive packages, and custom color matches so your final product will provide the solution you are desiring and achieve maximum results.

Diversified Plastics is able to analyze and modify processes to reduce cost for your specific part demand. We are experts at discovering ways to optimize your dollar, reduce waste, and improve efficiency. We can combine our capabilities to solve a customer’s unique challenges.

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We are committed to producing a quality product for our customers. Diversified Plastics has specific internal design systems to prevent mistakes or defects in our manufactured products. We also take steps to avoid problems when delivering engineered solutions to our customers. We continually test apparatuses and fixtures and have a first and last Article check for each operation. We are ISO Compliant and work with each customer to develop individualized Quality Assurance Plans that meet and exceed their requirements.