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Creative Engineering

Creative Engineering

Custom Plastic Engineering and Fabrication Enhances Part Performance – Consider Going to Plastic in 5 Steps!

From design to prototyping to process engineering, our experience with the wide range of plastic components and solutions – including UHMW – allows us to solve any challenge.

We welcome your cost reduction project, problem part, weight reduction, or custom part creation and we will help you find a custom and engineered plastic-based solution.

We are creative, engineering-minded problem solvers. And it shows.

Our years of plastics engineering experience and expertise, combined with the advancing plastic industry, allows us the opportunity to create custom plastic fabrication solutions for our customers.

Our equipment is fitted to run cost-effectively for both high-volume and low-volume product production so we can make custom pieces quickly within your budget. Our plastic production process is also capable of handling medium volume parts (500-1000 parts).

We employ testing capabilities and quality assurance measures to ensure that our plastic components meet or exceed the specifications required by the application. In addition, our streamlined approach reduces material waste and processing hours.

We work closely with the leading chain manufacturers in the industry to understand specific manufacturing, procurement, and maintenance concerns.  We visit job sites across the country to review installation methods and to assess our customers’ needs, and we host end-users at our facility to detail our custom fabrication and processes and our proven results. Our experience in the water and wastewater treatment industry has allowed us to become a leading provider of custom fabricated water treatment sprockets.

When determining a parts’ manufacturability, we first need to profile the component. 

What is it used for?
What material is used today?
What are the tolerances and loads?
What is the speed that which this part is moving?
What are the environmental factors for this part – oils, temperatures, presence of dirt?
What are the annual quantities needed and cost tolerance?

As the part profile is developed, the plastic type and processes will become apparent. When it is determined that a component can be made with a plastic process, custom plastic fabrication and manufacturing begin.

The 5 Steps to Manufacturability

Manufacturability is the ability to manufacture a part utilizing the most efficient method and cost-effective materials, ultimately resulting in a consistent and identical end product. With different and distinct manufacturing processes available, it is vital to understand the following steps that determine the manufacturability of your desired product. These stages will help determine the best practice for manufacturing any part using plastic.

  1. Prototyping
  2. Design
  3. Materials
  4. Manufacturing Process
  5. Quality Assurance

At DPI, we know how to bring your part to life. We create hundreds of new parts every year, including custom fabricated plastics. Customers initially come to us for a one-time solution, and after realizing our extensive experience and broad capability they usually return for additional plastic applications. We have the ability to conceptualize a part that you’ve drawn on the back of a napkin! We will take that drawing and use the right tool and design for success. The first stage in determining the manufacturability of a product begins with prototyping. It is a low-cost concept used to validate the product idea and prove feasibility. The prototype is built in the form of an engineered drawing, a 3-D model, or a 3-D print to test a concept, process, or material.

Working with customers, our engineers determine the function of the desired product and consider the aesthetic properties. Using an accelerated fabrication method, we are able to produce an initial product that can be analyzed and critiqued by the customer. Gaining feedback is vital as the custom plastic component can be adjusted geometrically for optimal material yield, cycle times and tolerances, and manufacturing feasibility. Our production and plastics engineering experience enables us to suggest design modifications because we know the production process. We see where there are undercuts and potential manufacturing issues and will resolve them before they become an issue.

Material selection is crucial for the product’s desired use. As a plastics engineering company, Diversified Plastics’ team members are material experts and consider design life, complexity, frequency, and wearability when recommending the best-suited raw materials. We will also incorporate custom resins, additive packages, and custom color matches so the final product provides the desired solution and achieves maximum results.

There are thousands of types of plastics with hundreds of applications, and our experience allows DPI to find the best solution for the part. For example, UHMW polyethylene is an extremely durable, lightweight material called for in many applications today. When the application has a unique tensile strength, unusual need for flex or nonstandard chemical compatibility needs, DPI will find the answer. If DPI does not already know the best plastic to start with, their extensive network of reliable suppliers will help to define the best plastic for the job. To read more about “Why Plastic?” review this article.

We work with several plastic materials including: ABS, ACRYLIC, Ceram-P, DELRIN, GLASS FILLED, NYLON, HDPE, KYDEX, LDPE, Molly Filled, Nylatron, Nylon: Natural, Oil Filled, PEEK, PET, PHENOLIC, POLYCARBONATE, POLYPROPYLENE, Polysteel, PVC, Reprocessed, RULON, SINTIMIT, STYRENE, TEFLON, UHMW-PE: Natural, ULTEM, URETHANE, and VINYL.

We work with several plastic materials including:

  • ABS
  • Ceram-P
  • LDPE
  • Molly Filled
  • Nylatron
  • Nylon: Natural
  • Oil Filled
  • PEEK
  • PET
  • Polysteel
  • PVC
  • Reprocessed
  • UHMW-PE: Natural

Depending on the specific part and quantity needed, many different manufacturing processes can be implemented for custom plastic fabrication. Utilizing the Diversified Plastics MultiFabTM technology, we are able to analyze and modify manufacturing processes to optimize customer cost-savings as well as reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Machine it or Mold It? Read more here.

Producing a quality, uniform product without mistakes or defects is the ultimate goal of manufacturability. Diversified Plastics employs specific and strategic measures to ensure our manufactured products meet superior standards: 

  • Continually testing of our apparatuses and fixtures
  • First and last article check for each operation
  • Customized and individualized customer Quality Assurance Plans 
  • ISO Compliant

One of the keys to working with Diversified is that we are large enough to know how to accomplish any manufacturing challenge and small enough to adapt to the customer process needed. 

Diversified Manufacturing

Diversified Plastics continually innovates and looks for ways to improve the life of a product and reduce procurement and maintenance costs. We help you choose the best process to maximize your investment.

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When you know what you are looking for or want to start with an idea, we are ready to help. Please reach out and we will start you on your path to plastic solution success!

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