Diversified Plastics, Inc. Updates Website and Moves to a .Com Address

Diversified Plastics, Inc. Updates Website and Moves to a .Com Address

Diversified Plastics, Inc. Updates Website and Moves to a .Com Address

Diversified Plastics, Inc., a North American leader in plastics engineering and fabrication, has recently updated their website and moved the address to dpiplastics.com. In addition to offering easy-to-access information and detailed pages regarding the industries Diversified Plastics serves, the newly designed website is also mobile friendly.

New to the website is the Creative Engineering page. Diversified Plastics Engineers are innovative and ingenious problem solvers, and they have both equipment and testing capabilities to ensure products meet or exceed the specification required by the application. The engineering team is able to develop a product in its complete lifecycle from prototype to part design, to include material selection, process selection and optimization, concluding with the quality assurance phase.

Among other website enhancements, Diversified Plastics now claims a .com domain. The conversion from .net to .com brings a stronger sense of legitimacy and professionalism to the company’s web presence. This new domain name also cohesively operates with Google. Google’s search engine optimization operates with a favor toward domain’s registered under .com. Diversified Plastics’ new domain name is sure to generate an increase in website interaction and in return broaden the reach to share the company capabilities.

“We have always existed to provide solutions and improve efficiencies for our customers, and our new website is one more step toward enhancing our customer service,” states Brad Reid, Owner of Diversified Plastics. “Our current and future customers can visit our website and find a representative in their area who will review their application, determine the right part for the job, and make sure that product or component provides successful results.”

Diversified Plastics is proud to offer a spectrum of plastic manufacturing capabilities under one roof. They are also able to combine the capabilities of Custom Fabrication, Injection Molding, Machining, and Urethane Casting to create solutions for customers. They call this MultiFabTM Technology. Upon visiting the website, current and potential customers will clearly understand what sets Diversified Plastics apart from the competition.

About Diversified Plastics, Inc.

Diversified Plastics, Inc. is a family business that began in 1976 as a supplier of engineered plastic wear strips for lumber and pulp mills. From those humble beginnings, we have grown to become a leader in plastics engineering and fabrication throughout the US and in several International countries. We continue to innovate and look for ways to improve the life of a product or system and reduce procurement and maintenance costs. We help you choose the best process to maximize your investment.