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Plastic Parts for Water

Plastic Parts for Water

The Power and Durability of MultiFab Plastic Components for Water Applications

Diversified Plastics has provided plastic components for the industrial wastewater treatment industry for more than 10 years. Our MultiFab Technology, along with all our plastic manufacturing capabilities, has helped water treatment facilities transition away from metal components to plastic. For other industries that rely heavily on water, like car washes, our sprockets and customized plastic components have significant benefits. Using plastic instead of metal parts for high humidity, submersed, and areas subject to moisture, users find that plastic components are more compatible for long-term use.

Here are some interesting industry facts. Did you know?

The average American car wash will wash approximately 20,000 cars a year. These systems use a number of high-tech machines to move vehicles through the car wash cycle and use between 8 and 70 gallons of water per wash. 

Our wastewater treatment plants process 62.5 billion gallons of wastewater per day! This is another industry that benefits from the durability of plastic parts.

plastic sprokets for water industry

Some of the benefits of replacing metal components with DPI’s plastic options: 

  • Customized – our innovative process can fabricate to existing specifications
  • Strength – MultiFab plastic sprockets are stronger and wear better than sprockets made of a single material 
  • Performance – our plastic components are lighter in weight, durable and self-lubricating 
  • Cost-effective – decreased material costs mean a lower wholesale price 

For industrial applications that use a lot of water, you need components that are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable. Diversified Plastics MultiFab Technology™ combines the capabilities of Fabrication, Machining, Injection Molding, and PolyUrethane Casting under one roof to create an innovative solution for our customers.

From car washes to wastewater treatment facilities, we can deliver superior plastic parts while reducing replacement and maintenance costs at every stage, reinventing the wheel with our MultiFab Technology.

See how we can innovate for you!

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