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Solar Power

Solar Power

Our solar bearings for tracking systems wear longer and cost less than the competition because we are the only manufacturer in the industry who molds parts out of our proprietary molded UHMW resin specifically suited to wear for years and withstand the sun.

The Diversified Plastics team prides itself on being more than a manufacturer. We are a creative engineering-minded company that continually looking for ways to improve the life of a product as well as reduce procurement and maintenance costs for our customers. For over 47 years, DPI has been unrivaled in designing custom-engineered plastic parts to fit the unique needs of the solar energy industry.

We have spent years testing and replacing industrial plastic components for the solar industry. 

We will meet your challenge of needing parts that can relentlessly resist UV degradation, and persist in an outdoor environment. Because we continue to push the boundaries and use of where our plastics provide improvements, our customers benefit from our experience and expertise.

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Diversified Plastics continually innovates and looks for ways to improve the life of a product and reduce procurement and maintenance costs. We help you choose the best process to maximize your investment.

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