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Plastic chains were developed primarily for low-power transmission applications. The chains can be used with steel sprockets or plastic sprockets, and for a wide range of speeds. These drive components can be especially useful in harsh chemical, moisture and temperature environments. The chains can incorporate additives for self-lubrication, also usable where cleanliness is important, as in food-processing or computer equipment.

Chains are made with links that snap together so that each link in effect becomes a master link. Various attachments can be used with plastic chains and sprockets. These attachments can be fastened to the chain or sprocket or molded integrally.

Plastic chains are available as off the shelf items in 1/4-in., 3/8-in. and 1/2-in. pitches. Non-standard sizes and shapes including chain with various types of attachments have been developed for special applications.

Plastic chains and sprockets are generally about one-fifth to one-tenth as heavy as equivalent metal components. They are relatively quiet and are non-conductive and nonmagnetic.


Horsepower ratings have not been determined for all sizes of plastic chains. However, the chain performance data chart shows the results for breaking strength of the representative chain sizes. Working strength is often figured as 1/3 of the average breaking strength.

Elongations vs. time tests have shown that the major portion of elongation or stretch occurs almost immediately after the load is applied; 90 percent of elongation takes place within the first 15 minutes of operation. Based on total length, subsequent elongation is less than 0.3 percent. When the load is removed, the chain recovers as a function of time and material. In general, maximum recovery is achieved within 30 minutes of load removal.


Plastic chain is produced in three standard pitch sizes, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch. Key roller and linkage dimensions can be seen below. Specialty pitch designs available.


In order to meet the range of strength, chemical and heat resistance requirements of the marketplace, Diversified Plastic offers chains and sprockets molded from four standard materials: polypropylene, acetal, Kynar® PVDF and poly-filled nylon.

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