Urethane Casting

DPI’s Proprietary Processes Assure The Use Of Urethanes
Are Maximized For Shape, Size, Hardness and Economy

Urethane is a remarkable material that can be cast into shapes, bonded to rolls and wheels, or poured into plates of varying size and thickness.

Urethane can be tailored to a specific hardness and it bonds to virtually any metal. When it comes to versatility it’s in a class all its own.

Creating urethane components is entirely different from working with traditional plastics. Diversified Plastics’ team members use proprietary processes and protocols to maximize the versatility and varying hardness of urethane.

Our urethane parts will meet your specifications not only for shape and size, but also for hardness. In fact, we can cast urethane components in durometers from 40A to 75D.